Objects and Monuments

Students will be asked to select an object or monument to research for their first paper and then to write a SmartHistory.org style essay for their final project about this same object or monument.

We will also be collaborating with the Department of Islamic Art of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, whose collection we will visit to see objects first hand (some of which you may be able to research for your assignments in this course). Their galleries are closed until 2015, but Research Associate, Caitlin McKenna, who is responsible for the collection, has agreed to facilitate this.

In this drop down menu, you will find a page for each student with the name of their object. These are broadly organized by object type and period (manuscripts / folios are together, as is Ottoman material). I have also listed all of the objects here.

I have created a sample page on the Dome of the Rock. It is basically copied from my Smart History entry on the Dome of the Rock. It serves as a model and guide for your pages, but also look at Dr. Radha Dalal’s great essay on the Blue Mosque as it as the best hook of all the essays I think.

Incense Burner

Textile Fragment of a Hunting Scene

Water Jug from Syria

Zodiac Inkwell

Divination Bowl

Dado Panel from the Courtyard of the Royal Palace of Mas’ud III

Bahram Gur in a Peasant’s House

Rustam Lassoes the Khaqan (ruler) of China

Sa’di visits an Indian Temple

Friends of Ali at the Hunt

Folio from the Divan of Sultan Husayn Mirza

Mamluk Qur’an

Iznik Ewer

Ottoman Spherical Hanging Ornament

Tiles from a House in Damascus

 Khusraw discovers Shirin bathing

Women’s short jacket


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